Monday, July 22, 2024
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Major IAS Reshuffle in Telangana, Key Post for Amrapali  

Major IAS Reshuffle in Telangana, Key Post for Amrapali  


As of late, it has been discovered that huge changes are occurring in the Congress party’s administration in Telangana. At the moment, the Chief Minister is Revanth Reddy. After he came to control, many changes were made in the places of authorities. Essentially, there have been significant exchanges of IAS officials in Telangana. 22 IAS officers were transferred for the first time after the Congress government took office. Once more, as of late, there have been significant exchanges of IAS officials in Telangana. Amrapali, who was in charge of the HMDA at the time, has been given a significant position as a result of this process. Additionally, a total of twenty IAS officers have been transferred in Telangana right now. They have directed the Chief Secretary to the State and appointed new collectors to their respective districts. New collectors have been appointed to the respective districts as a result of the transfer of twenty IAS officers. If this continues, the Telangana government led by Revanth Reddy will have experienced yet another significant IAS officer transfer. This time, 22 IAS officials have been moved. The position of Hyderabad Commissioner held by Ronald Ross has been assigned to a new position. He has now been appointed Transco’s Commissioner. As of now, he is administering the capabilities as the HMDA Chief. Additionally, the position of Director of the Economic Branch has been given to Sandeep Kumar Sultania. Also, Vani Prasad has been delegated as the Head of The travel industry and Sports. Furthermore, the position of Commissioner of Water Resources has been given to Ashok Reddy. As of late, the state government has moved 20 IAS officials. The exchange of government authorities is a typical event. However, there may be significant shifts in postings from time to time, which can lead to a lot of difficulties and interesting outcomes. Major IAS officer transfers have recently occurred following the election of the Congress government in Telangana.

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