Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Major Red Sanders Bust: Task Force Intercepts Smugglers Near Tirupati

Major Red Sanders Bust: Task Force Intercepts Smugglers Near


In a significant operation, the Red Sanders Anti-Smuggling Task Force successfully intercepted a smuggling attempt near Tirupati on Tuesday. Acting on a reliable tip-off, a team led by Superintendent of Police (SP) P. Srinivas conducted a meticulous combing operation in the Seshachalam forests, focusing on the area around Srinivasa Mangapuram.

During the operation, officers detected suspicious activity near Kalyani Dam. After a brief pursuit, they apprehended two suspects, Sakthivel (29) and Rajendran Chinnapayyan (53), both from Tamil Nadu. The task force seized a car, saws, and axes—tools commonly used in the illegal extraction and transport of Red Sanders trees.

Under interrogation, the suspects revealed that they were part of a larger smuggling ring led by a contractor named Rajasekhar. This information has triggered a more extensive search for the remaining accomplices: Selvaraj, Gopi, Seenu, and Govindan. Authorities are optimistic that capturing these individuals will significantly disrupt the smuggling network in the region.

SP P. Srinivas praised his team for their swift and effective action, underscoring the ongoing efforts to combat Red Sanders smuggling. He urged the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

Red Sanders, an endangered and highly valuable wood species native to the Seshachalam hills, is often targeted by smugglers due to its high demand in international markets. To protect this precious resource, the state government has ramped up surveillance and enforcement measures. This recent bust highlights the effectiveness of these efforts and the commitment of the task force.

By focusing on eradicating smuggling activities, authorities aim to preserve the region’s natural heritage and ensure sustainable forest management. The task force remains dedicated to bringing all perpetrators to justice and safeguarding the Red Sanders trees for future generations.

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