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Maldives Environment Minister arrested over alleged black magic on President

Maldives Environment Minister arrested over alleged black magic on President


Sun, a local media outlet, reports that Shamnaz was taken into custody on charges of sorcery against President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. There has been no confirmation or denial of the authenticity of these news reports by the police.

The Maldives is at the very frontier of climate change, being led by Environment Minister Fatimath Shamnaz Ali. UN environmental experts have warned that rising sea levels could render the Maldives uninhabitable by the end of this century. The island nation in the Indian Ocean has been in the news for various allegations, and the latest one accuses the Environment Minister of casting black magic on the President.

The officials have confirmed that Maldives police have detained Environment, Climate Change, and Energy Minister Fatimath Shamnaz Ali Saleem and two others within the capital, Male. The Police said she had been remanded for a week to investigate further, while detailed information regarding her arrest has not been disclosed to the media as yet.

Local media reported Shamnaz had been arrested for alleged black magic practices on President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, but the Police have not confirmed the truthfulness of the reports nor dismissed them.

The Maldives is more or less on the frontline when it comes to the climate crisis. So the Minister of Environment, Fatimath Shamnaz Ali, does a very important job. Indeed, UN environmental specialists went as far as saying: that showing ever-rising tides day by day, the Maldives may become uninhabitable by the end of this century.

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