Monday, July 22, 2024
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Manchu Lakshmi: “They should be flogged in the middle of the road.. Manchu Lakshmi is furious.” 

Manchu Lakshmi: "They should be flogged in the middle of the road.. Manchu Lakshmi is furious." 


Manchu Lakshmi: The Praneeth Hanmanthu controversy doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Not only netizens but also celebrities have decided not to leave him alone and not to let this go. Praneeth made a vulgar, offensive dark comedy about a father-daughter meme on a podcast with four friends.

Hero Sai Dharam Tej condemned this incident through a post, gaining support from the entire industry. Netizens are demanding the arrest of Praneeth and his friends for child abuse.

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, Seethakka, and several officials have taken this issue seriously. The police have registered a case against Praneeth. Although he released a video admitting his mistake, the matter is not dying down. Even star heroes are posting that such a vile person should not be spared and strict action should be taken. Especially Manchu Manoj tweeted, “I will not leave you, mother’s support is with me.”

Recently, Manchu Lakshmi spoke to the media about this issue. When asked about Praneeth Hanmanthu during an event, she too became furious and said such people should be flogged in the middle of the road.

“It pains me to think, are people filled with so much negativity? If they had food, clothing, and shelter, maybe they wouldn’t do this. Seeing thumbnails on YouTube, my mother calls me asking if I really did such things. When I tell her I’m with you, she asks why they wrote like that. First, stop watching these, I tell her, but that’s not possible. Therefore, strict action should be taken against them.

The other day, I saw a thumbnail saying Lakshmi Manchu hit someone. When I opened it, it was a video of me clapping for a movie. If people can’t differentiate between slap and clap, what is there to say? Those who committed child abuse should be severely punished, flogged in the middle of the road, that’s my intention.

While making the movie ‘Wife of Ram,’ I saw that there is one police officer for 600 women. What if 6000 people come at once? Don’t feel bad thinking someone ate beef, wore a hijab, or supported a religion. Feel bad when a person is not seen as a human. That’s what I’m saying,” she said. These comments have gone viral on the internet.

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