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“Masthu Shades Unnay Ra” Abhinav Gomatam’s Artistic Venture

Abhinav Gomatam, known for his remarkable performances in ‘Emaindi’ and the endearing rom-com ‘Meeku Maatrame Chepta,’ has made a mark on the OTT platform with the acclaimed web series ‘Save The Tigers.’ Now, he takes on a new challenge as the lead in the highly anticipated film ‘Masthu Shades Unnay Ra,’ a title that reflects his digital persona.

In this upcoming film, Abhinav shares the screen with the talented Vaishali Raj, supported by an impressive ensemble cast. Produced by Bhavani Kasula, Aarem Reddy, and Prashanth V, and directed by Thirupathi Rao Indla under the banner of Kasula Creative Works, the film is set for a worldwide release on February 23, 2024, under the guidance of producer and distributor Vamsi Nandipati.

Today, fans were treated to the much-awaited trailer, offering a glimpse into the captivating narrative of ‘Masthu Shades Unnay Ra.’ The story follows Manohar (played by Abhinav), an aspiring painter navigating the challenges of village life while pursuing his artistic dreams. Things take an interesting turn as Monohar falls for Uma Devi. Notably, esteemed actor Ali Reza, known for his appearance on Bigg Boss, takes on the role of a character who critiques Monohar, while veteran actor Nizhalgal Ravi portrays Monohar’s supportive father. The father-son dynamic is portrayed with authenticity, appealing to audiences of all ages.

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