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‘Mem Famous’: Watch it at Rs 99 in select theatres!

The makers of ‘Mem Famous’ have something interesting on the platter for the average movie-going audience. The film’s first-day ticket cost has been fixed at Rs 99 in select theatres in the Telugu States. The film will hit the screens on May 26.

Chai Bisket Films and Lahari Films are eking out a strategy as of now. Depending on how the response is for the Rs 99 ticket price, they will try to scale up the scheme.

The film stars Sumanth Prabhas, a newbie, as the lead man. “My original name is Sumanth Reddy. I dropped ‘Reddy’ and went with ‘Prabhas’ because I am a fan of Prabhas anna,” the debutant actor recently said.

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