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Mihir Shah Hit-and-Run Case:

Mihir Shah Hit-and-Run Case:


In the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case, police inquired about various CCTV footage, which exposed shocking details: Mihir Shah, 24 years old, son of a Shiv Sena leader, was driving very fast in his BMW. He dashed against a scooter coming from the opposite direction. In the impact, the female passenger fell on the bonnet of the BMW. Being in an inebriated condition, Shah kept on driving, dragging the woman 1.5 kilometers. At the time, she was trapped underneath the car’s engine bay and its bumper. After covering some distance, Mihir Shah asked his driver to drive the car and he alighted from the car and then pulled the lady, who was under the car, to the side of the road. The driver, Rajrishi Bidawat, drove a short distance ahead, then reversed and ran over the still-alive woman for the second time. The act was clearly seen through the CCTV footage and has now been considered an act of intentional homicide by the police.

Both, thereafter, along with the driver, abandoned the car in the Bandra area and ran away in another. Further police investigations have shown that Mihir Shah had gone to the house of his girlfriend. However, the whereabouts after leaving there are unknown.

In connection with the case, the police arrested Rajesh Shah, Mihir Shah’s father, who heads the Shiv Sena party in Mulund, along with the driver. Later Rajesh Shah was released on bail. The BMW vehicle involved in the accident is registered under Rajesh Shah’s name.

The police told the court that as soon as the accident happened, Mihir Shah spoke to his father and that Rajesh Shah took care of his escape. They argued that Raesh Shah knew his son’s whereabouts and opposed his bail. However, the court granted bail to Rajesh Shah, and observed that he was not at the scene of the crime. The police also disclosed that Mihir Shah wes drinking in the pub with friends when he had an Rs. 18,750 bill. He had left the pub 4:30 AM and met with an accident at 5:30 am.

The girlfriend of Mihir Shah is being interrogated at the moment. A similar kind of incident recently happened in Pune, where drunken driving resulted in the killing of two wheeler riders. Driver’s family, police, and doctors themselves had set the investigation of the incident in the wrong direction.
Seeing such incidents happening in Mumbai, the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that Mihir Shah will not be forgiven and a strict punishment would be given.

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