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Minister Jaishankar Extends Government’s Support to Families of Detained Navy Veterans in Qatar

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar had a meeting with the family members of eight Indian Navy veterans who are facing the death penalty in Qatar. This meeting occurred on a Monday, as Jaishankar sought to extend support and assurance to the distressed families. The grim scenario stems from a judgment passed by the Court of First Instance of Qatar on October 26, 2023, concerning the eight Indian employees of Al Dahra company. The verdict of the death penalty sent shockwaves through the concerned families and the Indian government, prompting immediate action to address the matter.

The government has expressed its profound shock over the verdict and is in continual touch with the families and legal team, strategizing on the steps ahead. Jaishankar’s meeting underscores the high-priority attention this case is receiving from the Indian government. The families are awaiting a detailed judgment while the government is exploring all legal avenues to safeguard the interests of its nationals detained overseas.

The encounter between Jaishankar and the families symbolizes a beacon of hope and a source of moral support in these testing times. Amid the legal turmoil, the meeting served as a platform for discussing the way forward, ensuring that the aggrieved families are not battling this ordeal alone. Through these interactions, the External Affairs Minister reinforced the government’s commitment to doing its utmost in providing assistance and pursuing the case rigorously in the days to come.

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