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Minister Komati Reddy Warns of Jail for BRS Leaders

Minister Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy has launched a scathing attack on leaders of the BRS party, accusing them of corruption during their tenure in power. He unequivocally stated that those who exploited their positions for personal gain will face legal consequences and be sent to jail. The minister specifically singled out former minister Jagadish Reddy, predicting his incarceration after KTR and Kavitha.

Komati Reddy highlighted alleged irregularities in power plants in Yadadri and Bhadradri, expressing concerns about potential corruption in power purchases in Chhattisgarh. He confidently asserted that, despite any attempts to obstruct investigations, the scrutiny by the Vigilance and a sitting judge will proceed unhindered. The minister criticized KCR’s family for what he perceives as the deterioration of the power sector and predicted legal consequences following thorough investigations.

Shifting focus to politics, Minister Komati Reddy proclaimed his belief in the Congress party’s sweeping success in the upcoming Parliament elections. He boldly stated that deposits would not come to the BRS party and claimed that 30 BRS MLAs would join the Congress after the Lok Sabha elections. Expressing frustration, he criticized Jagadish Reddy for playing a role akin to Gangi Reddy, questioning his commitment to Telangana despite relinquishing ministerial posts.

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