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“Minister Ponnam Prabhakar Unveils New RTC Buses for Women’s Welfare in Telangana”

In a significant move aimed at enhancing public transportation and prioritizing women’s welfare, Telangana’s BC Welfare and Transport Minister, Ponnam Prabhakar, inaugurated 80 new RTC buses at the Ambedkar statue on NTR Marg on December 30.

Swift Acquisition and Women’s Welfare:Minister Ponnam Prabhakar highlighted the government’s rapid action in procuring the buses shortly after its formation. Emphasizing the commitment to women’s welfare, he assured that measures were meticulously implemented to ensure a seamless travel experience for female passengers, addressing potential challenges and barriers.

Diverse Fleet to Address Varied Needs:The newly introduced fleet comprises a mix of 30 Xpress buses, 30 Rajdhani AC buses, and 20 Lahari sleeper cum seater buses. This diverse range aims to cater to the diverse commuting needs of citizens, providing enhanced comfort and accessibility across different routes and regions.

Strategic Investment and Future Plans:TSRTC’s forward-looking strategy encompasses the acquisition of 1,050 new buses at a commendable investment of Rs. 400 crores for the fiscal year. With an anticipated deployment by March 2024, these buses will be strategically allocated based on identified vacancies, optimizing operational efficiency and addressing growing transportation demands.

Continued Commitment to Public Transport:Minister Ponnam Prabhakar affirmed the government’s unwavering dedication to elevating public transport standards in Telangana. He hinted at forthcoming concessions and initiatives from RTC, underscoring the ongoing efforts to foster innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability within the transportation sector.

In summary, Minister Ponnam Prabhakar’s initiatives signify a holistic approach towards modernizing RTC services, promoting women’s welfare, and addressing citizens’ evolving transportation needs in Telangana. Through strategic investments, innovative solutions, and collaborative efforts, the state is poised to achieve new milestones in public transportation and commuter satisfaction.

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