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Mixed Reactions to “Jaya Jayahe Telangana” Anthem at Decennial Celebrations

Introduction of the AnthemThe official state song of Telangana, “Jaya Jaya He Telangana,” was unveiled by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy on Sunday during the Telangana Decennial Celebrations at Parade Grounds. Crafted by acclaimed Telangana poet Ande Sri and set to music by Oscar-winning composer M.M. Keeravani, the anthem aims to capture the spirit and legacy of the state. The event saw the Chief Minister, ministers, officials, and participants rise in respect as the anthem was played. The song exists in two versions: a full 13-minute 30-second rendition and a shorter 2-minute 30-second version, the latter being intended for use at government events and other significant occasions. 

Emotional Launch and Mixed Public Response

Both Ande Sri and Keeravani were present at the ceremony, with Ande Sri becoming emotional upon witnessing the launch of his long-awaited creation. Having penned the song two decades ago, his vision for a state anthem has finally come to fruition. Despite the emotional launch, public reaction has been mixed.

Many expressed their happiness and pride. One user on X (formerly Twitter) noted, “It’s an emotional moment for Ande Sri garu…I read about him & his song in the Telangana history book…finally, Revanth Reddy recognized him.” Another user commented on YouTube, “Ande Sri wrote the song 20 years ago, in accordance with the Telangana movement.He wrote the more moderen model of that track in recognize to the modern perseverance and prosperity of Telangana.This alternate is needed, and it’s far well-suited.”

Criticisms and Expectations

However, the song also faced criticism from some quarters. Critics felt that the anthem’s composition and style did not resonate with those who had been part of the Telangana movement. One user on X remarked, “The present song was composed in a cinematic way, which won’t appease the masses who participated in the Telangana movement.” A Reddit user commented, “It kind of feels like a movie song. Doesn’t really have anything about the Telangana struggle either, which I was expecting,” to which another replied, “It has a Baahubali song vibe.”

Cultural Significance and Government Recognition

Despite the mixed reactions, the song holds significant cultural value and symbolizes the journey and achievements of Telangana over the past decade. The state government plans to formally honor Ande Sri and Keeravani at Tank Bund during an evening cultural carnival, acknowledging their contributions to the state’s cultural heritage. 


The release of “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” marks an important moment in Telangana’s history, celebrating a decade of progress and honoring the sacrifices made during the struggle for statehood. While the anthem has received a mixed response, it stands as a testament to the state’s resilience and aspirations. The recognition of Ande Sri and Keeravani highlights the importance of cultural contributions in shaping the identity of Telangana. As the state moves forward, the anthem will continue to inspire and unite its people, reflecting both its proud history and its dynamic future.

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