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“MLA Aleti Maheshwar Reddy Critiques Governance Under CM Revanth Reddy’s Leadership”

Nirmal MLA Aleti Maheshwar Reddy has recently voiced significant concerns about the governance under Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s leadership since the Congress party took office. Speaking at a media conference in Nirmal, Reddy pointedly criticized the apparent lack of action, particularly regarding essential projects like the Kaleshwaram scheme and Mission Bhagiratha. He highlighted the alarming collapses of several barrages and underscored a perceived reluctance by the Congress to launch necessary inquiries, suggesting potential collaboration with the previous BRS administration. This critique doesn’t stop at infrastructural concerns; Reddy also drew attention to agricultural policies, specifically noting the glaring absence of benefits for farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme.

The political landscape intensified with the participation of key figures like BJP town president Sadham Aravind and other senior leaders in the discussion. Reddy’s outspoken allegations and the subsequent engagement of prominent leaders signal growing unease and debates surrounding governance transparency, effectiveness, and the fulfillment of promises in addressing crucial state matters.

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