Thursday, July 25, 2024
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MP Mahua Moitra Criticises BJP

MP Mahua Moitra Criticises BJP


After Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the name that strongly resonates in the Trinamool Congress party as a firebrand is MP Mahua Moitra. She is known for her fierce criticisms of her opponents. She maintained her aggressive stance not only in the past but also this time. On Monday, she raised her voice in the Lok Sabha, targeting the BJP government led by Modi.

MP Mahua Moitra accused the BJP of paying a heavy price for silencing her in the previous session. She claimed that as a result, the BJP lost 63 seats in the recent elections. While supporting the President’s address, she spoke on this occasion. She criticized that they didn’t let her speak in the last session, but this time the people have silenced them.

She mentioned that the current situation is not the same as it was before for dealing with the opposition. She argued that the Sengol is a symbol of monarchy and has no place in democracy. MP Mahua demanded the removal of Sengol from the assembly. She made significant remarks about being expelled from the assembly in the past. She recalled losing her membership and home earlier but stated she is now free from that fear. She asserted that this is not a stable government and is dependent on allies.

Towards the end of the 7th Lok Sabha, MP Mahua Moitra was expelled amid allegations of taking money to ask questions in the assembly. Shortly after, the general election bell rang. By that time, TMC leader Mamata Banerjee had appointed her as the district president of the party. She won the recent elections and entered the Lok Sabha.

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