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Munugode: A tough battle for all

The election date for Munugode bye-poll has been announced. With Nov 3 being the battle day, its less than a month to go for the highly tracked bye election. So, all political parties are naturally on high alert to succeed in the election and are racing.

Interestingly Munugode bye poll, which is a crucial election for all political parties, is turning into a tough one for all. Incumbent MLA Rajagopal Reddy, who has resigned to Congress and seeking a re-election from BJP, is not finding it as easy as he expected. While he though that all the Congress cadre would join along with him in BJP, that did not happen. Munugode being a strong Congress bastion, Congress cadres and supporters, are still backing the grand old party, giving sleepless nights to Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy. 

On the other side Congress is also struggling as its incumbent MLA and strong leader, left the party and joined BJP. Though Congress candidate Palvai Sravanthi is fighting it out and has sympathy on her side, she does not have the required resources to take on BJP and TRS.

Much to the surprise of everyone, TRS is lagging behind in this bye poll contest. Ruling party is yet to announce its candidate and KCR is keeping everyone guessing. With BJP taking on TRS and even Congress giving a fight in Munugode, KCR has understood that Munugode is not going to be an easy job for them. Thus Munugode bye-poll has turned into a tough battle for all the main political parties. 

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