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Munugode bypoll: Voters get impressed by TRS welcome schemes

Finally, Munugode byelection was completed yesterday. Women, farmers and elderly voters who turned up in large numbers were openly appreciative of the schemes. Contrary to the expectations that more voters in the 18 to 40 years age group, containing nearly half the 2.4 lakh electorate would turn up, it was those in the 40-70 group who made it.

Most voters, normally secretive about their choice, discarded caution and said that they had voted for the TRS and the chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao. A 70-year-old woman in Narayanpur said, “We are getting Asara pension of Rs 2,016 from 2019. This is our livelihood. There are no middlemen. This is because of KCR.”

A 65-year farmer in Chandur said, “I own 5 acres of land. I get Rs 50,000 Rythu Bharosa every year. I also get Asara pension besides free power for agriculture. If not for this scheme, I would have to pay Rs 2,000 for power every month.” 

A nursing student, M Shilpa, who was the polling agent in Chikatimamidi, said that she felt respect from the voters. She further said, “Congress candidate Palvai Sravanthi appreciated me for taking up the job. Police and other officials also appreciated me.”

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