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Naga Shaurya Caught in a Mess?

Naga Shaurya Caught in a Mess?


Mental health really matters, especially in the glamorous world where, at times, things turn unpredictable. Young actor Naga Shaurya is facing turbulent times in his career. Apart from enduring the pressure because of flops coming one after the other, he got struck with another shock. If gossips are anything to be believed, Shaurya hijacked a Rs 17 crore film midway after he expressed his discontentment with the director.

Fallout with the Director

Produced by NRI Chintalapadi Srinivasa Rao, the film has become a bone of contention. Expressing his anger Rao complained against Naga Shaurya to the Telugu Film Producers Council. Sources have confirmed that the Producers Council faulted Shaurya and met with the members of the Telugu Movie Artistes’ Association to discuss the matter. Both the bodies accepted the producer’s frustration and the related concerns.

Changes and Remake

Even after some days of shooting, Naga Shaurya was not happy with the director. Later, he had discussions with the producer and both of them agreed to have the co-director as the director. He expressed more objections and stopped attending the shootings. The producer requested several times, but Shaurya didn’t turn up to finish the film. The producer tried to seek the intervention of the Producers Council.

Reconciliation attempts

It is reported that the Producers Council and Artistes Association asked Naga Shaurya to first sort out the problem by returning the advanced money spent so far for this project, and not take new assignments until it is sorted, in order not to complicate the problem further.

Career Struggles

This controversy is the last thing that Naga Shaurya wants, who has already been going through rough times with some poor showings at the box office, such as “Varudu Kavalenu”, “Ashwathama”, “Lakshya”, and “Rangabali”. With good looks and amiability, Shaurya struggled to come up with a hit.

Naga Shaurya’s current situation itself is teaching a lesson regarding how every person associated with the film industry needs to work according to professional ethics and mainly communicate clearly. He will get back on track to work vigorously for future projects if settlement of this dispute occurs.

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