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Nagarjuna: Apology to Fan – What Happened?

Nagarjuna: Apology to Fan - What Happened?


Many fans appreciate people from the film and sports enterprises. Fans often want to meet their favorite celebrities in person, take pictures with them, and, if at all possible, talk to them. Even though these desires are normal, the celebrities can sometimes be greatly inconvenienced by fan enthusiasm. As a result, celebrities frequently have bodyguards on hand to keep fans from getting too close and disrupting the event. However, these bodyguards can sometimes act too enthusiastically, making the celebrities uncomfortable. This happened to actor Nagarjuna recently, which led him to tweet an apology. This occurred:

A video has been becoming a web sensation via virtual entertainment since yesterday. The fact that Nagarjuna is featured in the video makes it a hot topic. A fan with disabilities attempted to take a selfie with Nagarjuna. Seeing this, a protector mercilessly pulled the fan to the side, nearly making him fall. The video turned into a web sensation and got a great deal of analysis. A fan tried to meet Nagarjuna as he left an airport, according to the video. The staff swiftly removed the fan. Nagarjuna does not appear to have been aware of the incident at the time. Nagarjuna responded after the video was shared on X (Twitter) and went viral.

“This incident has come to my attention,” Nagarjuna wrote in a post. This ought not to have taken place. I am sorry to the individual in question. I will go to suitable lengths to guarantee such episodes don’t happen once more.” The current fad is this response.

The video became famous online in the South as well as broadly in the North, drawing in far and wide analysis. Nonetheless, this isn’t whenever such an occurrence first has happened. Similar circumstances have afflicted numerous celebrities in the past.

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