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Nagarkurnool politics heat up

Nagarkurnool constituency, one of the key Assembly constuencies in South Telangana, is witnessing political heat, as Assembly polls are nearing. Senior leader and former Minister Nagam Janardhan Reddy represented it for more than two decades and made it a notable constituency all over the state. Now TRS MLA Marri Janardhan Reddy is representing it.

While there has been Nagam Vs Marri fight in Nagarkurnool till now, political equations took a turn with the entry of young leader Kuchukulla Rajesh Reddy. He is the son of senior leader and former MLC Kuchukulla Damodar Reddy. 

Kuchukulla Rajesh Reddy has joined Congress party and is actively campaigning for the party in Nagarkurnool constituency. He is expressing confidence over getting a Congress ticket. On the other hand senior leader Nagam, who has till now led Congress in the constituency is expressing unhappiness over Kuchukulla Rajesh’s advaces. Nagam is also making open statements that only he will get Congress ticket. This is leading to confusion and suspense among Congress cadres in Nagarkurnool constituency. 

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