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Napoleon’s Ornate Flintlock Pistols Sell for $1.83 Million

Napoleon’s Ornate Flintlock Pistols Sell for $1.83 Million


Napoleon Bonaparte, a leader who left a lasting mark on French history, is renowned for his efforts in the unification of France. His contributions as a 19th-century French Emperor and military commander are considered unparalleled. The military strategies he employed are still taught in schools worldwide, underscoring his greatness.

Auction of Napoleon’s Guns

Despite his global fame, there was a time when this great French warrior contemplated suicide. The two guns Napoleon intended to use for this purpose were recently auctioned by a company called Osenat Auction. The pistols sold for 1.69 million euros, equivalent to $1.83 million. However, the names of the buyers were not disclosed. The auction took place at Fontainebleau near Paris. Notably, two days before the auction, France declared these pistols as national treasures. The French Cultural Ministry’s National Commission made this declaration, stating that these pistols, being national assets, should not be bought by individuals. The buyers are now concerned that the government might seize the guns from them.

Unique Regulations

France’s regulations can be surprising. Within 30 months, the French government can repurchase any item declared a national asset from its buyers, provided they make an official offer. The buyers have the right to reject the offer. According to representatives from Osenat Auction, the French government can temporarily hold any item considered a national treasure but must eventually return it to the buyers.

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