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Nara Lokesh Fires on IIIT Ganja Issue

Nara Lokesh Fires on IIIT Ganja Issue


Minister Nara Lokesh expressed his anger over the marijuana scandal at Iddupulapaya IIIT. He directed officials to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident. On Wednesday, parents of students met with him, urging strict measures to curb illegal activities at IIIT. They complained that their children are suffering by studying in an environment where the entire campus has become a hub for marijuana.

Parents Seek Nara Lokesh’s Intervention

Parents from the Telugu states approached Minister Nara Lokesh during the Praja Darbar, seeking his intervention to protect their children from the marijuana issue. They lamented that enrolling their children in IIIT has resulted in losses, and they mentioned that the campus has become a haven for marijuana. Minister Lokesh responded to these concerns.

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Minister Lokesh’s Assurances and Actions

Minister Lokesh assured that he would resolve the marijuana issues and safeguard the students’ futures. He issued strict orders for severe action against the political leaders involved in selling marijuana. He also instructed officials to monitor the areas around schools and colleges to prevent such issues. The government, he said, is taking proactive steps towards eradicating marijuana.

Marijuana Confiscated from IIIT Students

Meanwhile, security personnel at IIIT confiscated marijuana and cigarette packets from two engineering students. These students were identified as belonging to the Galiveedu area in Annamayya district and the Gudur area in Nellore district. Both students had traveled to Kadapa on the 3rd of this month and returned to IIIT on the same day. Upon suspicion, they were searched, and marijuana and cigarette packets were found.

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Concerns Over Staff Negligence at IIIT

Additionally, parents brought to Minister Lokesh’s attention that staff negligence at another IIIT is causing many students to fail. They complained that even students who scored 90% in their 10th grade are failing now. Some staff members in the Intermediate section are accused of negligence and deliberately failing students. Minister Lokesh responded to these concerns as well, assuring that he would look into the issue and find a solution.

Government’s Commitment to Eradicate Marijuana

The government, under the direction of Minister Lokesh, is taking proactive steps towards eradicating marijuana. By addressing both the marijuana scandal and staff negligence, Minister Lokesh aims to create a safer and more effective learning environment for students at IIIT.

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