Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“Narayanapet MLA Urges Swift Action on Ambitious Irrigation Project for District Development”

Narayanapet MLA, Chittem Parnikareddy, has called upon authorities to initiate the irrigation of one lakh acres in Narayanapet district using the JVO 69 method. In collaboration with MLA Madhusudan Reddy, he conducted a meeting with officials from the Irrigation department in Hyderabad on Tuesday. This gathering took place in light of the government’s plans to implement the Narayanapet-Kodangal lift scheme.

During the meeting, discussions revolved around the comprehensive upliftment scheme, with various suggestions put forth to irrigate a substantial area in the district and provide drinking water to two constituencies. MLA Chittem Parnikareddy criticized the BRS government for allegedly neglecting the Narayanapet-Kodangal upliftment scheme, citing difficulties arising from the lack of irrigation in backward areas.

Expressing urgency, the officials were urged to take prompt measures to commence and complete the lift project within the Congress term, highlighting the commitment to regional development and resource optimization.

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