Thursday, July 25, 2024
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NATO Warns Iran and China

NATO Warns Iran and China


NATO Leaders Urge Iran and China to Halt Military Aid to Russia

On Wednesday, NATO leaders from member countries issued a stern warning to Iran and China to cease their military support to Russia. In a formal declaration, they stated that continued support for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine would lead to severe consequences.

NATO Meeting and Declaration

A meeting of 32 NATO leaders took place in the United States on Wednesday. During the meeting, the leaders condemned China and Iran’s military assistance to Russia and issued a strong declaration against it. The leaders later attended a dinner event at the White House. This marked the first time since 2019 that NATO members have issued a declaration criticizing China in such strong terms.

European Union Sanctions on Russia

Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, European Union countries have also imposed sanctions on Russia. Iran has been supplying Russia with hundreds of kamikaze military drones and missiles. NATO countries expressed their concern, stating that Iran’s military aid to Russia poses a significant threat to the security of Euro-Atlantic countries.

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G7 Nations’ Stance

A month ago, at a meeting in Italy, G7 nations warned Iran against supplying any weapons to Russia. UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps cited a Reuters report indicating that in February, Iran had been supplying Russia with ballistic missiles, drones, and unmanned aerial vehicles at low costs.

Expanding Missile Production in Iran

Recent reports by Reuters highlighted the expansion of ballistic missile manufacturing facilities in Iran. Despite existing trade sanctions by the US and other Western countries on Russia and Iran, the two nations continue their transactions in currencies other than the US dollar, with international trade between them reaching $4 billion.

NATO’s First Condemnation of China’s Military Aid to Russia

For the first time, NATO countries have issued warnings against China for providing military support to Russia. NATO leaders emphasized that China’s supply of military technology, weapons, and computer chips to Russia contributes to the war in Ukraine and endangers European countries.

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China’s Role and Potential Sanctions

NATO countries noted that China’s military technology aids Russia in manufacturing large-scale military weapons, and joint training programs between the military forces of the two nations are ongoing. NATO countries did not rule out the possibility of imposing additional economic sanctions on China, emphasizing their readiness to take necessary actions.

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