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Naveen Polishetty on ‘Star’ path

Young hero Naveen Polishetty has got a huge boost to his career with thumping success of Ms Shetty Mr Polishetty (MSMP) movie. This offbeat movie, which created buzz with unusual pairing of Anushka and Naveen, became a instant hit. Even after a week of its release, it is doing strong business at box office. With this Naveen Polishetty’s standing as a bankable hero received a huge boost.

Naveen’s first full length role film was Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya. It was critically acclaimed as well as a commerical hit. However it was Jathiratnalu which shot him to fame. The hilarious entertainer not just broke box office but also turned Naveen into a sought-after young hero.

Continuing his winning streak, Mr Polishetty scored another big hit with his latest romantic comedy MSMP. Besides commercial success, Polishetty also earned marks from both critics and audience with his performance. He has even dominated a senior star like Anushka with his innate tallent. With this development, industry insiders feel that Naveen Polishetty is all set to emerge as a dependebale star soon.

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