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New Mobile: Good News for Those Looking to Buy a Phone for Their Parents

New Mobile: Good News for Those Looking to Buy a Phone for Their Parents


Are you looking to buy a good phone for your parents? If so, there’s good news for you. Senior World has launched two new phones. The company has released two new 4G easy phone models: Royal 4G and Elite 4G. The Royal 4G comes with a middle flip-fold design, while the Elite 4G has a standard feature phone design. These phones are specifically designed for senior citizens and offer better connectivity, safety, and health assistance.

The Ambulance Coordination Service Easy Phone Elite 4G and Easy Phone Royale 4G are available in the Senior World’s Easy Phone series. These two new models have unique features and stand out from other phones available in the market. Both models come with a 24/7 ambulance coordination service available in 700 cities across the country, designed to respond to medical emergencies and save valuable time. They only allow calls from authorized numbers, thanks to the “Safe List” feature, which blocks spam and unnecessary calls. In addition to the SOS button, they also support the CareTouch feature.

This care service enables a family member to remotely configure the Easy Phone Royale from anywhere in the world. It includes features like setting reminders for medication, scheduling doctor’s appointments, adjusting volumes, making changes to the address book, and setting up safe lists to prevent fraud.

Both models also come with a special SOS button. When pressed, it calls a phone number you have set. These models feature brain games in 12 Indian regional languages, daily inspiration, health tips to keep the elderly engaged and healthy, and more. The phones come with a charging dock and have a 2.8-inch screen with large buttons, making it easy for users to dial numbers. They also have an ED dock charging and battery, offering up to two weeks of standby time on a full charge. Both phones are available for purchase on Amazon. The Easy Phone Royale 4G is priced at ₹4,690, and the Easy Phone Elite 4G is priced at ₹4,490.

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