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Nindha: Varun Sandesh’s Movie Review – Saving an Innocent Man

Nindha: Varun Sandesh’s Movie Review - Saving an Innocent Man


Varun Sandesh, who is usually seen in lover boy roles, appears in a very serious role this time. After a short break, Varun Sandesh returns as the lead in the movie ‘Nindha,’ directed and produced by Rajesh Jagannadham under the banner of Fervent Indie Productions.. The film, which also features Shreya Rani, Q Madhu, Tanikella Bharani, and Chhatrapati Shekhar in key roles, was released today, June 21.


Vivek (Varun Sandesh) works in a high-ranking position at the National Human Rights Commission. He is dedicated to helping innocent people who have been wrongfully punished. One day, Vivek learns that his father (Tanikella Bharani), a judge, is deeply troubled over a verdict he believes to be wrong. The burden of this guilt leads to his father’s death, prompting Vivek to take up the case.

In the village of Kandrkot, a young woman named Manju (Q Madhu) is raped and murdered by a man named Balaraju (Chhatrapati Shekhar), who is then arrested and sentenced to death. Convinced of Balaraju’s innocence, Vivek investigates the case, kidnaps several people linked to it, and uncovers the truth.

Who really killed Manju? What is Manju’s story? Who did Vivek kidnap and why? How does Vivek prove Balaraju’s innocence? To find out, one must watch the film.

Movie Analysis

There have been several movies in the past with similar themes of wrongfully punished individuals. However, ‘Nindha’ adds a fresh twist to the narrative, making it intriguing. The first half primarily revolves around Vivek kidnapping people and interrogating them, which may seem a bit boring. The interval ends with Vivek simply stating that he will prove Balaraju’s innocence.

The second half becomes more interesting as it delves into the backgrounds of Balaraju and Manju, as well as the people Vivek kidnapped, revealing their connection to the case. Although regular moviegoers might predict the twist midway through the second half, the director delivers an unexpected climax. The theme of ensuring that an innocent person is not punished is well-executed. Despite being a serious film, Bhadram adds a touch of humor here and there.

Performance of the Actors:

Varun Sandesh impresses in a serious role, perfectly fitting the character of a Human Rights Officer. Q Madhu’s role is also well-received by the audience. Chhatrapati Shekhar performs convincingly as a man wrongfully punished for a crime he didn’t commit. Though Tanikella Bharani’s screen time is brief, he delivers an emotional impact. Shreya Rani, Yani, Bhadram, Surya Kumar, Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, and Arun Dalai also perform well in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography is visually appealing, with perfect execution in limited locations. The background music is good, though it sometimes dominates the dialogues. The songs are average. Some dialogues are well-written. The screenplay could have been tighter. Despite being a small film with a new producer, the production values are commendable, with no compromise on quality. Director Rajesh has made a successful debut with this film.


‘Nindha’ is an engaging investigative thriller about a hero saving an innocent man who is wrongfully accused and punished. The film is rated 2.5 out of 5.

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