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Nitin Gadkari’s Pilot Project: A New Concept for Public Transport

Nitin Gadkari's Pilot Project: A New Concept for Public Transport


In an airplane, there are usually a minimum of 100 passengers. What if a bus were designed similarly? This is the idea being considered by the Modi government at the center. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has revealed that they are already working on this project.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had visited the Czech Republic in the past. In the capital city of Prague, he noticed three buses combined into one. He thought that such a public transport system would be beneficial in India. With the cooperation of Tata, they are planning to launch a pilot project in Nagpur. He revealed this at an event held in Delhi.

Setting aside the number of passengers that can sit in the Prague transport bus, the Nagpur project will be designed to seat 132 passengers, as revealed by the Union Minister. These buses, once charged, can travel 40 kilometers. Charging takes only 40 seconds, making the cost per kilometer just 35 to 40 rupees.

This project is expected to reduce pollution, as stated by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. He mentioned that they are exploring pollution-free methods to make public transport more convenient. Solutions that use indigenous technology and are cost-effective are necessary. Electric vehicles are already available in the country.

Hundreds of charging stations are being set up. Instead of spending 120 rupees per liter of petrol, ethanol can be used for just 60 rupees. While diesel buses cost 115 rupees per liter, electric AC buses cost around 60-50 rupees. This method could reduce ticket prices by 10 to 20 percent. In the past, two buses were combined into one and used in major cities in India, accommodating about 60 passengers. However, due to the ups and downs of our roads, some problems arose. Consequently, various state governments utilized these buses differently. The real question now is how the roads in India will connect to buses like those in Prague, as proposed by Union Minister Gadkari.

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