Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Nitish Kumar’s Son Entering Politics in Bihar:

Nitish Kumar's Son Entering Politics in Bihar:


There is increasing speculation that Nishant Kumar, the son of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, is gearing up to enter politics amid opposition from the family. Nitish Kumar has also given green signals for this, discussions are ongoing. Nishant Kumar is rarely seen in public with his father and is seen in a few contexts as a visible man. The issue of whether Nishant Kumar is making political arrangements has now become a topic of discussion. Meanwhile, JD (U) leaders have circulated tweets that he is considering one reason for this. Youth leadership is required:

In the current political situation, Bihar is preparing for the arrival of youth leadership in the state. This has been posted on social media by Chief of Bihar’s Food Commission Vidyanand. Amid rumors about his political intentions, Nishant Kumar has taken some steps to show his leadership.

Many JD(U) leaders believe Nishant Kumar’s entry into politics would bring a fresh perspective and rejuvenate the party. Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary has also confirmed these speculations. However, these are baseless rumors in the minds of the people.

There are no grounds for such assumptions and they create doubts in people’s minds. Consequently, it is claimed that Nishant Kumar is entering the political arena. This month, the party’s national work must be determined within a designated period. But this time it has become a critical, who concluded

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