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NOTA Creates History in Indore LS Seat with Over 1.7 Lakh Votes, Surpassing Previous Records


The recently concluded Lok Sabha elections in Indore, Madhya Pradesh witnessed a significant surge in the number of votes cast for the “None of the Above” (NOTA) option. Breaking the previous record set in Gopalganj, Bihar, NOTA received over 1.7 lakh votes in the constituency. This article delves into the impact of NOTA in the Indore LS seat, highlighting its significance and the reasons behind its popularity.

NOTA: A Symbol of Voter Dissatisfaction

NOTA provides voters with the option to reject all candidates contesting in a constituency, expressing their dissatisfaction with the available choices. In the 2019 elections, the Gopalganj Lok Sabha seat in Bihar held the previous NOTA record, with 51,660 votes, accounting for approximately 5 percent of the total votes polled in the constituency. However, Indore surpassed this record, demonstrating the growing influence of NOTA in Indian elections.

Indore’s NOTA Performance

As per the latest data available on the Election Commission’s website, NOTA received an impressive 1,72,798 votes in Indore, making it the second-highest vote-getter after BJP candidate Shankar Lalwani, who secured 9,90,698 votes. All other candidates, including the 13 contenders in Indore, received fewer votes than NOTA. Lalwani led the race with a substantial margin of 9,48,603 votes over his nearest BSP rival, Sanjay Solanki. This strong NOTA performance in Indore reflects a significant segment of the electorate’s desire for alternative options.

Congress’ Appeal for NOTA

The Congress party, facing a challenging electoral battle in Indore, urged voters to exercise the NOTA option as a means to send a message to the ruling BJP. The Supreme Court’s decision in September 2013 paved the way for the introduction of NOTA on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The Congress’ call to press NOTA aimed to teach the BJP “a lesson” and demonstrated their belief in the power of this democratic tool to express voter discontent.

Historical Significance

The Congress party’s absence from the poll race in Indore marked a significant departure from the constituency’s 72-year history. This election witnessed a unique political landscape, with the withdrawal of Congress candidate Akshay Kanti Bam, who subsequently joined the BJP. The rise of NOTA as a viable alternative option in Indore demonstrates the changing dynamics of Indian politics and the growing desire for more choices among voters.


The surge in NOTA votes in the Indore Lok Sabha seat has broken previous records and highlighted the growing importance of this democratic tool. Voters in Indore have utilized NOTA as a means to express their dissatisfaction with the available candidates, signaling a demand for better choices and a desire for change. As Indian democracy evolves, the impact of NOTA on electoral dynamics will continue to shape the political landscape, emphasizing the need for parties to address the concerns and aspirations of the electorate.

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