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NRI & Bharatheeyans producer Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli condemns the acts of Censor Board

Bharatheeyans is a film that is made against the arrogance of China, which is trying to affect India’s sovereignty. The film’s producer Shankar Naidu Adusumilli expressed his dismay due to the discomfort caused by Censor Board towards his film. Shankar Naidu expressed his discontentment due to the delay in issuing censor certificate for his multilingual film Bharatheeyans. The producer said he made the movie out of his love for the motherland without thinking about profits.

This multilingual movie stars Niroj Puchha, Sonam Tendup, and Subha Ranjan as the protagonists. Samaira Sandhu, Rajeshwari Chakravarthy, and Peden Nangyal are the female leads. NRI Shankar Naidu produced Bharatheeyans prestigiously with a whopping budget under the banner of Bharath American Creations. Famous writer and specialist in love stories, Deen Raj (Preminchukundam Ra, Kalisundam Ra fame) is getting introduced as director with this film.

The producer said that the movie was praised by former Indian Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu, The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri, and many ex-servicemen. Shankar Naidu made it clear that he will not agree with the Censor Board’s suggestion to remove China and Galwan Valley names from the movie. Shankar Naidu added that he would not compromise on this matter under any circumstances.

The movie is up for release shortly. Here are the details about the film’s crew.

Fights: Judo Ramu
Editor: Shiva Sarvani
P.R.O: Dheeraj – Appaji
Jayapal Reddy Nimmala
Music: Satya Kashyap & Kapil Kumar
Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli
Director: Deen Raj

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