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NTR Pension Bharosa: Distribution of Social Pensions in Andhra Pradesh

NTR Pension Bharosa: Distribution of Social Pensions in Andhra Pradesh


The distribution of NTR Bharosa social pensions is all set to commence in Andhra Pradesh. Starting at 6 AM, secretariat employees will go door-to-door to deliver pensions. Pensions will be distributed to a total of 6.531 million beneficiaries across the state. With the increased pension amounts and arrears, the government will now deliver social pensions directly to homes under the NTR Bharosa scheme. The state government has released ₹4,408 crore to distribute pensions to 6.518 million people.

First Pension Distribution by Chandrababu Naidu

In Penumaka, within the Mangalagiri constituency, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu personally participated in the pension distribution program and handed out pensions to beneficiaries. He directly delivered pensions to recipients Islavat Sai, Banavat Pamulu Naik, and Banavat Seetha. During this event, Chandrababu Naidu conversed with the beneficiaries. He stated that the pension increase was implemented from the first month, fulfilling the promise made in the coalition government’s manifesto.

During his visit to Penumaka, Chandrababu Naidu engaged in face-to-face discussions with pensioners. He expressed that he became Chief Minister for the fourth time with the blessings of the people and mentioned that the state’s debts are unknown, highlighting that people have been suppressed for five years. Naidu remarked that the bureaucratic machinery’s morale was undermined, adding that volunteers were threatened, stating pensions wouldn’t be given without them. He assured there would be no rush under his administration and emphasized that the government’s goal is to connect with the people. He pledged to demonstrate how a Chief Minister should be.

Increased pensions will be distributed to beneficiaries from 28 different categories across the state. Along with the increased pensions, three months of pending pensions will also be delivered. The increased pension amounts to ₹4,000, and with the addition of ₹3,000 for the past three months, a total of ₹7,000 will be provided.

Arrangements have been completed to start distributing pensions from today. As per the coalition government’s election manifesto, ₹7,000 will be given, benefiting the elderly, widows, and single women. This ₹7,000 pension program is considered a historic milestone in the country.

In Guntur district’s Penumaka, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu personally went to beneficiaries’ homes to distribute pensions. In other areas, ministers, MLAs, and MPs are distributing the pensions. Additionally, secretariat staff are delivering pensions to beneficiaries’ homes. It’s reported that a letter from Chandrababu Naidu is also being provided along with the pensions.

Under the YSRCP government, pensions of ₹3,000 were distributed to the elderly, widows, single women, fishermen, handloom workers, toddy tappers, artists, drum artists, and transgender individuals. Recently, an increase of ₹1,000 raised the amount to ₹4,000. Including the pending ₹3,000 for the past three months, a total of ₹7,000 will be given.

For differently-abled individuals, the previous government provided ₹3,000, which has now been increased to ₹6,000. For those with complete disabilities, the pension has been raised from ₹5,000 to ₹15,000. For those suffering from severe health conditions, the amount has been increased from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000. Under this category, there are a total of 24,318 beneficiaries.

The state government has taken the pension distribution program as a prestigious task. Starting from 6 AM, secretariat staff are going door-to-door to deliver the pensions. Arrangements have been made to complete 100% distribution on the first day. Each secretariat employee has been assigned 50 people. If for any reason a pension is not delivered on the first day, it will be delivered on the second day.

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