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HomeExclusive"October 7 Carnage: Jaishankar Condemns Terrorism Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict, Advocates Diplomatic Resolution"

“October 7 Carnage: Jaishankar Condemns Terrorism Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict, Advocates Diplomatic Resolution”

On October 7, a significant act of terrorism transpired in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, which was highlighted by India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar. On this day, heavily-armed Hamas-led fighters breached the borders from Gaza and entered southern Israel, launching a devastating attack that resulted in the death of at least 1,400 individuals, many of whom were civilians.

Jaishankar condemned this act of terrorism by Hamas on Israel during various discussions. He emphasized the importance of finding a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict while denouncing terrorism. During a session in Rome, he stated, “What happened on October 7 was a big act of terrorism, the subsequent acts happening after that. This has taken the entire region into a different direction”.In another statement, he reiterated India’s stance on a two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue and stressed that although the attack on Israel was a terrorist act, the issue of Palestine also needs a resolution.

Jaishankar’s remarks underscored the complex nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the critical need for a diplomatic resolution, alongside a strong stand against terrorism to ensure regional stability. His mention of the October 7 incident served as a significant example of the volatile and destructive potential of terrorism within this ongoing conflict, urging for constructive dialogue and action towards a peaceful resolution.

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