Monday, July 22, 2024
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Operation Akarsh Sparks Concern Among BRS Party

Operation Akarsh Sparks Concern Among BRS Party


Leaders Ready to Shift to Congress Party: The BRS party has become alert to protect its members in the Legislative Council. Out of the total 40 members in the council, 29 belong to the BRS party, while Congress has only four MLCs. With Congress starting Operation Akarsh, anxiety has begun within the BRS party. With the state assembly budget sessions approaching, Congress is making a significant effort to weaken the BRS party’s strength.

Congress is trying to lure BRS MLCs to prevent them from obstructing the approval of several key bills in the Legislative Council. Reports suggest that some BRS MLAs are already in touch with Congress and are ready to switch parties. As a result, the BRS leadership has become alert and is investigating which members might switch parties. They are gathering information from people close to the MLCs. It is reported that Congress is promising positions and funds to BRS MLCs if they join their party. Some MLCs believe that switching parties is beneficial for maintaining their positions for a longer period, despite BRS offering a promising political future. Consequently, several members are preparing to join Congress. 

It is rumored that when some members received calls from BRS leader KCR, they did not provide clear answers, nor did they confirm their continuation in the party. This situation has raised concerns within the BRS party about whether at least 10 out of the 29 BRS MLCs will remain.

Six BRS leaders from Warangal district, who are MLCs, are known to be very close to KCR. However, given the changed political circumstances, they are reportedly ready to switch parties for their future. After the assembly election results, one MLC from Warangal district publicly criticized BRS’s approach and ticket distribution. His constituency has now become a stronghold for Congress, and his followers are pressuring him to switch parties. Another MLC is also under similar pressure from his followers to change parties. In this context, an MLA close to Revanth reportedly told an MLC that there is a political future in joining Congress. Another MLC from this district is rumored to be considering jumping to Congress due to his close relationships with two Congress ministers.

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