Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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OYO launches Super OYO  in India

To recognise hotels that offer the most consistent and high-quality customer experience, global travel technology company OYO has introduced a programme, called Super OYO.

It analyses each hotel’s performance constantly on multiple parameters like customer ratings and reviews, keeping maximum rooms working consistently, smooth check-in experience, etc. Now, consumers have an opportunity to witness hotels that are marked Super OYO while booking via the OYO app. 

At present, there are around more than 200 Super OYOs available on the site and the firm will encourage other hotels on its platform to work towards gaining this highly selective moniker and turning as a component of this exclusive category. Moreover, this new category can recognise hotel patrons who go above and beyond exceptional customer experiences. 

The founder and the group CEO of OYO, Ritesh Agarwal said, “The best OYOs by experience, location, analysis of thousands of reviews and verified experiences. For our customers, you get the best of the best OYOs and four our owner patrons’ they get higher returns on their assets. Just download the OYO app and hit the Super OYO widget on the home screen.”

The OYO app is now 50% faster, allowing users to load the home page within just 1.9 seconds. The app includes a brand-new user interface and enhanced features for smoother navigation, clear transparency with no hidden terms and conditions.

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