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Pakistan: Congo Virus Causes Panic, South Asian Countries on Alert  

Pakistan: Congo Virus Causes Panic, South Asian Countries on Alert  


New Instance of Congo Infection in Pakistan: Another instance of the Congo infection is causing caution in Pakistan. Quetta recently reported another case. Fatima Jinnah, a 32-year-old who was confessed to the emergency clinic because of disease, was tried and viewed as tainted with the Congo infection. She has been moved to the disconnection ward in a similar emergency clinic for treatment.

Rising Cases Pakistan is seeing an increase in the number of cases of the Congo virus. With this most recent case in Quetta, there have been 13 cases of the Congo virus this year. Information regarding the spread of these cases throughout Pakistan was provided by a media outlet. Fatima has been identified as a resident of Qila Saifullah town in the Qila Saifullah district of the Balochistan province who has contracted the virus.

In the past, a young person infected with the Congo virus who was 18 years old died in Peshawar. He was initially taken to the hospital when symptoms started, but his condition got worse and he died. As a result, everyone who had come into contact with the teen was tested.

Infection Side effects
Specialists report that the Congo infection spreads through the tick-borne Nairovirus. The side effects incorporate high fever, muscle torment, heaving, discombobulation, neck torment, back torment, eye torment, photophobia, sickness, spewing, looseness of the bowels, stomach agony, and sore throat. Additionally, animals like cattle, goats, sheep, and rabbits can spread the virus.

South Asian nations are on high alert as the Congo virus spreads to Pakistan. Bhutan, India, Nepal, the Maldives, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, among others, have increased their security.

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