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Pani Puri: Concerns and Possible Ban

Pani Puri: Concerns and Possible Ban


There is a countrywide debate regarding Pani Puri these days. The reason behind it is the presence of cancer-causing substances in it. It raises questions over whether Pani Puri is going to be banned or which states would be on the forefront of doing so.

Evening dissipates into the taste of Pani Puri in the minds of many. Be it cities, towns, or small villages, children and young people are found hanging out near these Pani Puri stalls these days. But recently, news about Pani Puri is creating a scare for its lovers. It’s the carcinogenic substances in Pani Puri that have come as a shocker.

It is sensational details that have come to the fore following the inspections by health department officials across Karnataka. Some certain chemicals were found to give the green color to the watery substance used in Pani Puri. Brilliant Blue and Tartrazine are identified as the chemicals by state health officials. The substances are reportedly used for coloring purposes. As many as 270 samples were collected all across the state and tested in labs.

Out of these, 41 samples were found to contain carcinogenic chemicals. The Karnataka government is now mulling action regarding Pani Puri. Many officials believe a ban would be in order. Neighboring Tamil Nadu has also become alert following these revelations in Karnataka. Quality standards not met; ethylene oxide was high in chat masala, say health officials of Tamil Nadu after discovering it through inspections across various shops. Pani Puri samples were taken for lab tests, and the results were reportedly like those in Karnataka. Tamil Nadu will thus take a cue from what Karnataka has done in this particular case.

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