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Pawan Kalyan’s Swift Action Helps Find Missing Girl

Pawan Kalyan’s Swift Action Helps Find Missing Girl


Following the recent change in government leadership in Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan’s actions have garnered significant attention. Known for its proactive stance compared to other political figures such as Chandrababu and Lokesh, Pawan Kalyan’s party, Jana Sena, regularly organizes Janavani programs to engage with public issues and address grievances.

After Pawan Kalyan took his oath as an MLA during the recent AP assembly sessions, he visited the Jana Sena office in Mangalagiri. During a public gathering there, a distressed woman from Vijayawada sought his help in locating her missing daughter. She expressed frustration over the lack of response from authorities and police.

Responding swiftly, Pawan Kalyan intervened by contacting police officials directly. He urged them to take immediate action to locate the missing girl. The police promptly launched a search operation across Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states, leveraging phone records and other relevant information.

After a thorough search effort, the missing girl, who had disappeared from Vijayawada a year and a half ago, was found in Jammu. Authorities also apprehended two individuals from Vijayawada’s Ramvarappadu area who were with the girl in Jammu.

Currently, efforts are underway to bring them back to Vijayawada. This incident highlights Pawan Kalyan’s proactive approach in responding to public concerns and ensuring swift action from law enforcement agencies to address critical issues effectively.

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