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Pawan Kalyan’s take on Decentralisation Vs Development

The controversy over three capitals is raging and both the groups – those who are supporting it and opposing it- are coming up with their own propositions. While ruling YSRCP leaders have been strongly defending, opposition TDP has been vehemently opposing three capitals. Meanwhile Janasena-led by Pawan Kalyan is taking a middle road in case of three capitals, though its top leadership appears to have against the idea.

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has raised several questions hitting at YSRCP Govt regarding three capitals. Highlighting the difference between Decentralisation and Development, Pawan Kalyan made a series of tweets, obviously attacking YS Jagan Sarkar.

Following are the questions raised by Pawan in his tweets:

Decentralization vs. Development:

Questions on the Idea of Decentralization of Capital to YCP Govt

  1. Does a High Court and Bunch of Government offices in3 cities guarantee growth and development throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh?
  2. If the YCP Govt sincerely wishes to have Decentralization of Development in the state, why not give financial powers and decision making powers to the Panchayats and Municipalities. Why has the govt so far not been able to give local body funds (14th and 15th Finance Commission) to the Panchayats and Municipal authorities in Andhra Pradesh?
  3. Why don’t you truly implement the 73rd and 74th Amendment act of the Constitution and transfer all powers to the local bodies. Is that not the true Decentralization?

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