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Pawan praises Nadendla

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan heaped praise on his colleague and former Speaker of United AP Nadendla Manohar, saying that he is a very committed leader with selfless service motives. Pawan stressed that Nadendla had joined Janasena in 2016, even though he knew very well that he would not win as a Janasena candidate in Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan Kalyan made these comments in the latest Varahi Yatra, praising Nadendla Manohar. Pawan made it a point to say this, explaining that he is looking for leaders who are selfless and committed like Nadendla Manohar.

“Many leaders are coming to me saying they will join Janasena. But I’m worried as I feel whether they will be committed to Janasena ideals and stay with me facing all odds. I need leaders like Nadendla Manohar who is selfless and committed. Nadendla Manohar joined Janasena by liking me. Though he was a big leader, he joined Janasena impressed by Janasena’s ideals. He knew very well that he would lose on the Janasena ticket. Inspite he has been fighting and sailing with me facing several obstacles,” said Pawan Kalyan, heaping praise on Nadendla.

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