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‘People’s Governance’ Program Witnesses Overwhelming Response in State

The ‘People’s Governance’ initiative launched by the state government has culminated with impressive figures, underscoring its significance among the populace. Initiated on the 28th of the previous month, this ambitious program aimed to facilitate six guarantees announced by the Congress government.

A notable highlight of the program has been the active participation in the Prajapalana gram sabhas. The sessions, which commenced with enthusiasm, witnessed a surge in applications as days progressed. Notably, in a single day’s session held on Friday, a staggering 18,29,274 insurance applications poured in. This influx propelled the total application count to an impressive 1,08,94,115, with 93,38,111 applications specifically related to the ‘Abhaya Hastam’ six guarantees. An additional 15,55,704 applications addressed miscellaneous items, reflecting a diverse range of public needs and concerns.

The administration’s commitment was evident, with public governance spanning across 12,171 GPs and 3,512 municipal wards. This widespread reach ensured that citizens from various regions had access to the program’s benefits. To further streamline the process and accommodate all, the government extended the application avenues beyond gram sabhas. Individuals could also submit their petitions, complaints, and applications at Tehsildar, MPDO, and Municipal offices.

Recognizing the magnitude of the task at hand, CS Shanti Kumari, in a proactive move, directed collectors to conclude data entry by the 17th of the current month. This step underscores the government’s dedication to ensuring transparency, efficiency, and timely execution of the program’s objectives.

In essence, the ‘People’s Governance’ program stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to fostering inclusive growth, addressing citizens’ needs, and redefining public administration through active citizen participation.

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