Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Phone Tapping Case: Prabhakar Rao’s Sensational Letter

Phone Tapping Case: Prabhakar Rao's Sensational Letter


The phone tapping case, which has created a sensation in the Telugu states, is reaching its final stage. This case has already sprung several sensational details until now. Another crucial development took place in this case recently. A sensational letter written by the prime accused, former SIB Chief Prabhakar Rao, came to light belatedly.

Prabhakar Rao Denies Involvement

It is well-known that former SIB chief Prabhakar Rao is the prime accused in the phone-tapping case. As soon as the Congress party came to power in Telangana, Prabhakar Rao left for America. However, he has been named the prime accused in this case. In this context, a letter he wrote to police from America has come to light. On June 23, Prabhakar Rao wrote a letter to Jubilee Hills police.

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Health Issues and Cooperation

In the letter, Prabhakar Rao mentioned that he has no connection regarding the phone tapping case. He said that he was supposed to return to India on June 26 but due to unexpected health issues, he had to stay in America. He revealed that he has been suffering from cancer and heart-related diseases from quite a few days. He revealed that he is undergoing treatment according to the doctors’ advice in America.

Willingness to Cooperate

Prabhakar Rao expressed himself willing to cooperate with the police in the case of phone tapping. He said, “I am ready to co-operate with the police in the phone tapping case investigation. I have been suffering from health issues presently. In addition to my earlier malignant cancer, my BP has risen considerably high. That is the reason I am unable to come. Some people are deliberately foisting false cases upon me and leaking it to the media. My family and I are already undergoing lots of hassle. Being a police officer, I have done nothing wrong. Whatever information that is required shall be given in teleconference or through mail. I have never conducted my duty indiscipline. I am not avoiding anybody nor do I intend to flee. Once I recover fully, I will give an appearance before you all and answer all your questions. Previously too, I informed the senior officials about it on WhatsApp several times. I am ready to give any information that comes to my notice to the investigating officer.”

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It is the sensational letter of Prabhakar Rao that added a new dimension to the ongoing phone tapping case, and it will be an interesting thing to have a look at further developments.

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