Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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PM Modi affirms strong INDIA-RUSSIA friendship in Moscow address

PM Modi affirms strong INDIA-RUSSIA friendship in Moscow address


PM Narendra Modi is on a visit to Russia and he addressed the Indian Community in Moscow on Tuesday. During his address, PM hailed the relationship between India and Russia.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the entire world was amazed looking at speed of development India has acquired in last ten years. He added, “No matter how low temperature drops in Russia during the winter season, friendship between India and Russia has always been in plus.

PM Modi said, “I am happy that India & Russia are working shoulder to shoulder to give  the new energy to Global Prosperity.”

Modi also thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that when Indian students got stuck, Russian President helped India evacuate them.

During his address, Narendra Modi also reiterated his government’s goal to make India 3rd largest economy in world in his 3rd term as Prime Minister.

PM Modi also appreciated Vladimir Putin in strengthening the ties between India and Russia.

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