Monday, July 22, 2024
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PM Modi Congratulates Starmer

PM Modi Congratulates Starmer


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Keir Starmer, the Labour Party’s prime ministerial candidate, on their remarkable victory in the British elections. Modi also commended former British PM Rishi Sunak for his leadership in the Conservative Party’s defeat, noting Sunak’s key role in strengthening relations between the two countries.

The Labour Party achieved a stunning victory in the British elections, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule. Keir Starmer played a crucial role in this victory. The Labour Party has so far won 412 seats in the 650-seat Parliament, marking a significant defeat for the Conservative Party in its two-century history.

Prime Minister Modi responded to the Labour Party’s victory on the social media platform X. He congratulated Keir Starmer on his outstanding win and expressed his anticipation for constructive cooperation to strengthen the relationship between India and the UK.

In another tweet, PM Modi showered praise on former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, highlighting his active cooperation in strengthening bilateral relations and describing his leadership as remarkable.

Accepting responsibility for the defeat in the British elections, Conservative Party leader Rishi Sunak congratulated the Labour Party on their victory. He extended his congratulations to Keir Starmer for his pivotal role in the Labour Party’s success.

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