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PM Modi launches National Logistics Policy

PM Narendra Modi launched the National Logistics Policy on Saturday. The policy is aimed at bringing down logistics cost, addressing the gaps in logistics sector and giving a boost to intra and international trade. Prime Minister said that India had taken yet another important step towards becoming a developed nation with the National Logistics Policy.  

“India has taken another important step towards becoming a developed nation with National Logistics Policy. India is emerging as a world manufacturing hub. Policy plus performance equals progress. Thus National Logistics Policy will act as a driving and guiding force for achieving progress in logistics sector. Drone technology will emerge as important aspect of transport and logistics sector, especially for remote areas. We must bring the logistics cost from 13 percent to single digit as soon as possible,” said PM Narendra Modi, speaking during the launch of National Logistics Policy in New Delhi, according to a press release from PIB. 

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal said that the National Logistics policy will bring all departments and states together, in-line with the holistic vision of the Prime Minister. Referring to logistics as the lifeline of the economy, the Commerce Minister said that the National Logistics Policy would give India’s logistics sector a new direction and take it to greater heights. He expressed confidence that the implementation of the the new policy would bring down logistics costs, give a fillip to international trade, help in making India ‘atmanirbhar’, usher in prosperity in the nation and present new opportunities to our startups.

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