Thursday, July 25, 2024
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PM Modi stated that the global economy is witnessing the growth of yoga.  

PM Modi stated that the global economy is witnessing the growth of yoga.  


PM Modi marked the 10th International Day of Yoga at Srinagar, underscoring thereon the global spawn of yoga on health and societal harmony. The events have gone for the theme ‘Yoga for Self and Society’. Heavy rain lashed the place; the event at SKICC was also shifted indoors. Later, PM Modi shared photos from Dal Lake after the rain receded. The events mirrored the theme of this year’s celebrations: illustrating how yoga will help an individual and, through that, indirectly, society at large.

PM Modi said in his address to the nation, “Today, yoga is practised and celebrated everywhere in the world.” He believed that International Yoga Day has traversed a long journey that he initiated in the United Nations in 2014 with support from 177 nations. People have started looking at yoga in a different way, he said, adding an economic dimension, particularly in regard to India’s yoga tourism. PM Modi said, “Let yoga become a part of your lives.” He added that the reason behind this was its health benefits.

PM Modi termed Srinagar a land of ‘yoga’ and ‘sadhana’, mentioning the strength and wellness brought in by yoga. He referred to 101-year-old Charlotte Chopin, the French woman who was awarded Padma Shri for her commitment to spreading awareness about yoga. PM Modi mentioned the growing research on yoga all over the world, with reputed institutions studying and publishing papers on its benefits.

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