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Polavaram Project White Paper

Polavaram Project White Paper


Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu, released a white paper on the Polavaram Project. In a PowerPoint presentation, Naidu referred to current Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy as a curse to the project. “Upon assuming the office of Chief Minister, we launched numerous initiatives.” There needs to be a discussion among the public on how the state has suffered in the past five years. People recognized the damage caused to the state and hence gave us a massive victory. The previous government created a fear-driven administration, even intimidating the media. They criticized the judiciary, attempting to blackmail judges,” Naidu explained.

Naidu mentioned that the state requires reconstruction and they have decided to explain the actual situation to the public. They aim to detail the extent of the damage caused to the state. “The people won the election, and with public cooperation, we will rebuild the state. As part of this, we are releasing seven white papers before the budget,” he stated.

“The lifeline of river interlinking in the state is Polavaram. Jagan has become a curse to such a crucial project, committing an unforgivable crime against the nation. The project aims to harness 3,000 TMC of water that otherwise goes to waste into the sea, transforming the state into a drought-free region. This significant project has been devastated by Jagan. Since 1941, Polavaram has been a dream for the Telugu people. We completed the diaphragm wall up to 90 meters with the latest technology. Such a massive project like Polavaram may not exist in the country anymore. Before I took the oath in 2014, I worked to ensure the merger of seven submerged mandals of Telangana into Andhra Pradesh. With 31 field visits and 104 reviews, we completed 72% of the Polavaram project,” Naidu detailed.

Naidu pointed out the current additional expenditure, “Now, it will cost an extra ₹990 crores. We completed the diaphragm wall with ₹436 crores, but now repairs will cost ₹447 crores. Even with this expenditure, we cannot fully compensate for the damage. Constructing a new diaphragm wall will now cost an additional ₹990 crores and will waste 2 to 4 seasons. It is due to Jagan’s foolishness that the diaphragm wall was damaged. Since June 2019, agencies were removed, halting the Polavaram works. It took two years to realize the diaphragm wall was damaged.

In 2009, headworks stopped because YS Reddy changed the contractor, and Jagan made the same mistake in 2019. A severe mistake. On August 16, 2019, the Water Resources Secretary wrote a letter to the PPA regarding the mistakes of Jagan’s government. The NITI Aayog’s expert committee, formed with IIT Hyderabad, gave a clear report on November 5, 2021, on Jagan’s government’s mistakes concerning Polavaram.”

Naidu accused Jagan of destroying the Polavaram project out of arrogance, “Like repeatedly calling a good dog a mad dog and then killing it, Jagan handled Polavaram in a similar way. Jagan’s reckless arrogance to destroy the project led to its devastation. Due to Jagan’s government’s negligence, Polavaram faced four types of damage. First, the diaphragm wall, followed by the upper and lower cofferdams being damaged. The guide bund was damaged, and the power project construction halted. Overall, Polavaram was submerged in the Godavari River. Now the central government has formed a committee with international experts for continuous study.

With the Central Water Commission giving up, decisions must now be based on the international experts’ report. The delay in completing Polavaram on time has resulted in a loss of thousands of crores of rupees. Despite Jagan making numerous false corruption allegations against the TDP government regarding Polavaram, none were proven. Looking at the five-year damage to Polavaram causes pain, anger, and frustration,” Naidu expressed his deep anguish.

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