Monday, July 22, 2024
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Police Solve Missing Case, Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan Congratulates Them   

Police Solve Missing Case, Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan Congratulates Them   


Nine months ago, a young woman went missing, and the police have finally solved the case. Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan congratulated them and proved once again that where there is a will, there is a way. A couple from Bhimavaram had reported their daughter’s disappearance to the Deputy Chief Minister, Pawan Kalyan. Responding immediately, he called the CI to inquire about the progress of the case. This propelled the case forward. The AP police, paying special attention to this case, worked diligently to locate the young woman. Eventually, they found her in Jammu. A special police team went to Jammu, brought her back to the state, and the story had a happy ending. Jana Sena Party leaders stated that this case lends weight to previous allegations that over 35,000 young women have gone missing in Andhra Pradesh. Despite speaking about this issue many times in the past, no action was taken by the previous government, expressed the Jana Sena Party.

The couple from Bhimavaram told Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan that their daughter had been missing for nine months and that they had reported her disappearance to the Machavaram police, as the location where she went missing falls under the jurisdiction of the Vijayawada Police Commissionerate. They handed over a petition requesting him to take action, stating that the police had not responded to their complaint. Heartbroken, they pleaded with Pawan Kalyan to help find their daughter. Moved by the mother’s cries, Pawan Kalyan immediately called the CI of Machavaram and the Vijayawada Police Commissioner, instructing them to pay special attention to the case. The police quickly mobilized, formed special teams, and tracked the girl’s whereabouts. Their search efforts across various states revealed that the girl was in Jammu.

During a review meeting with officials at the Kakinada Collectorate on Tuesday, Vijayawada Commissioner PhD Ramakrishna informed Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan that a special team was bringing the girl back. Pawan Kalyan spoke with a senior police officer in the middle of the review, asked for details, and wholeheartedly congratulated the police department for finding the young woman. He urged that cases of missing girls should not be neglected and encouraged people to file complaints at the police station without fear, assuring that the police would respond immediately and ensure justice for the victims. The parents were overjoyed upon learning about their daughter’s whereabouts.

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