Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Prasanth Varma Announces New Film with Ravi Teja in PVCU

Prasanth Varma Announces New Film with Ravi Teja in PVCU


Prashanth Varma, the reputed director who has just delivered a blockbuster called “Hanuman” featuring Teja Sajja, had a surprising update to share with the audience at the film’s success meet. The movie released for the Sankranthi festival, crossed almost 300 crores across the world With this newfound success, Prashanth Varma shared his next update: Ravi Teja in the Prashanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU).

Prashanth Varma’s craft of direction has left a mark on audiences, and the success of “Hanuman,” it built expectations towards his cinematic universe very highly. The director has grandiose schemes for PVCU, with a total running of 12 films in line, amongst which is the already declared “Hanuman.” Upcoming PVCU movies are going to be “Adhira”, “Jai Hanuman,” and a female superhero movie, setting it up for a rather different and exciting lineup for the next 10 years.

At the lavish successful press meet of “Hanuman,” attended by the whole team, Prashanth Varma shared very exciting details about the film and its cast. Of all the noted highlights of “Hanuman,” one was the character of Koti, the monkey. Ravi Teja had dubbed for the same, giving an extra special essence to it. More so, the character of Koti emerged as one of the high points of the film, getting lots of appreciation.

Following up on this success, Prashanth Varma announced plans for a film in the cinematic universe with Ravi Teja. He has an exciting idea regarding developing the Koti character—above all, with Ravi Teja in a big role. This is only an idea at present to already generated much interest, as it is going to be a union of a talented director with a versatile actor.

The expectations from Prashanth Varma’s maverick filmmaking are soaring high as the director goes on an expansion spree of his cinematic universe. With new kinds of characters and his innate manner of storytelling, he brings to the screen; probably, new, exciting dimensions can be added to Indian cinema. Hopefully, this ambitious and “crazy combination” will come through to leave another set of memorable cinematic experiences.

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