Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Previous CM KCR Moved toward Telangana High Court

Previous CM KCR Moved toward Telangana High Court


Previous Chief Minister of Telangana and BRS President KCR has moved toward the High Court in regards to a body of evidence recorded against him during the Telangana statehood tumult. He has recorded a request to excuse the body of evidence enlisted against him during the Rail Roko fight. The Malkajgiri police had presented a report to the court expressing that KCR required the Rail Roko in October 2011 as a feature of the Telangana development, which disturbed a few train benefits and troubled rail route representatives.

KCR stated in his petition that he did not call for any Rail Roko and that the cases were filed on the basis of a statement made by someone else. He expressed that he was named the fifteenth charged for the situation yet had not taken part in the Rail Roko by any means. He likewise called attention to that Telangana state was framed three years after the Rail Roko episode and that the case holds no legitimacy. As a result, he asked the judge to dismiss the case. This petition is expected to be heard by the High Court on Tuesday.

In another turn of events, it is accounted for that the BRS is wanting to move toward the High Court soon. A number of MLAs who were elected to the Assembly in 2023 on the BRS party’s ticket have switched to the Congress party. Because these MLAs have acted against the mandate of the people, the BRS has decided to seek their disqualification. In light of the fact that Khairatabad MLA Danam Nagender has been a member of the Congress for three months, the party has already consulted legal professionals and is getting ready to move to the Supreme Court.

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