Monday, July 22, 2024
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“Protests Over Pro-tem Speaker Election”    

"Protests Over Pro-tem Speaker Election"    


The 18th Lok Sabha sessions have begun with India Alliance protesting in Parliament. Bhartrihari Mahtab of the BJD has been accepted as the pro-tem Speaker, with President Dravida Murmu administering the oath. Mahtab, a senior MP, is typically chosen as pro-tem Speaker. However, there was controversy as BJP nominated Mahtab, who had been elected seven times previously as an MP. Congress questioned why their leader K. Suresh, who had been elected eight times, was not chosen. Mahtab has won seven times previously as an MP. Congress leader Suresh was nominated in 1998 and 2004 elections, but he lost, which is why BJP minister Kiren Rijiju nominated him as pro-tem Speaker.

Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and other party leaders, along with opposition leaders, protested inside Parliament, joining the protest against the statue of Gandhi in the Parliament complex. Before this, they rallied from the old Parliament building to the new one. They demanded that the opposition leaders be allowed to hand over a memorandum to Prime Minister Modi regarding state issues. The Modi government was accused of violating state rights, leading to protests by opposition members. The pro-tem Speaker ruled that the protest was a violation of state rights. Afterwards, they attended the Parliament sessions.

India Alliance MPs, including Congress members Suresh, Balu, and Bandopadhyay, cooperated in the protest against the pro-tem Speaker’s election, as stated by Congress senior leader Jairam Ramesh. Ramesh questioned why Ramesh Chandappa, who had won seven times as an MP, was not given the opportunity to serve as pro-tem Speaker.

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