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Proven: Over 1 billion people suffer hearing loss due to headphones

According to recent studies, it is evident that over one billion teenagers and young people are potentially at risk of hearing loss due to their use of headphones and earbuds and attending loud music venues. The authors of the study said, “There is an urgent need for governments, industry and civil society to prioritise global hearing loss prevention by promoting safe listening practices.”

The World Health Organisation predicts that over 430 million people across the world currently having disabling hearing loss. Past publishings suggests that PLD users often choose volumes as high as 105 decibel while average sound levels at entertainment venues range from 104-112 decibels.

The research included 33 studies, corresponding to data from 35 records and 19,046 participants. 17 records focused on PLD use and 18 focused on loud entertainment venues. The research indicates that the prevalence of unsafe listening practices from PLD use and attendance at loud entertainment venues is common worldwide 24% and 48% respectively among youngsters. It is estimated by the researchers that the global number of teens and young adults who could potentially be at risk of hearing loss as a result ranges from 0.67 to 1.35 billion.

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